An HTML Display List

Designed to abstract common and advanced HTML 5 and CSS 3 display features into Javascript -- allowing programmers to focus on a single language to create and manipulate display objects.

The intent driving Jbeeb was the interest in creating an environment that would be similar in nature to how Adobe Flash developers think and work. Where the entire product could be written with a single language and packaged to a single file.

The vision sought to bring the concepts of Stage and Modularity (Encapsulation and Classes, respectively) to the HTML world.

While frameworks such as MooTools, Prototype and jQuery offer excellent capabilities, they lack in their ability to offer an a-la-cart, class-style development of narrowly focused tools, applications or widgets that are modular in nature and may or may not be incorporated into a larger project or web page -- without dependancies.

In addition, these frameworks almost force you to write ugly, unmanagable code. Plus they carry extra baggage that your app or widget may not even require.

The Goals
- Ability to write entire widget or app with Javascript.
- Incorporate only the classes required for the job.
- Ability deliver final product as a single file.
- Mutually inclusive with HTML and CSS.
- No dependancies.

The Mottos
- One class for one task.
- Don't re-invent the wheel.
- Keep it simple stupid.
- Play nice with others.

The Focus
- Speed
- Size
- Sub-class
- No bleeding edge, and let <2008 go.